Here is the basic truffle recipe that I will be sharing and demonstrating at The Rockin Food Festival in Enniscorthy today. You can use this to make your own truffles at home.


*125ml double cream

*200g milk chocolate

*50g dark chocolate

115g unsalted butter


* Place cream in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Melt chocolate gently over a simmering bowl of water, add cream and whisk

* Cut butter into small cubes, add to the mix. Whisk until smooth. You can add flavours at this stage if using. Pour mixture into small bowl and refrigerate for a few hours

* Once the mixture is set, spoon out and roll into balls on parchment paper

* The truffles can be rolled in crushed nuts, coconut or dipped in melted chocolate. Allow to set and then enjoy!!

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